After 3 years of dedicating kit’s to bearded boys, Milkman Grooming Co have just launched a new kit for Moustachioed men! With the mo trend on the rise again, this kit will ensure you’ve got a solid intact growth like Tom Selleck rather than spotting a Borat ‘stache. At $99 (RRP), the Moustache Rescue Kit is not only filled with amazing products, but savings of over $50! This is the perfect little black bag (only available via for any man who loves keeping his mo sculpted or a great Valentines gift to give if you think your man can do with a rescue!


What’s in the bag?!

Included in the bag are all the go-to necessities to keep a prime looking mo.


A Moustache Brush made from oak wood & 100% boar bristle, this mo brush is an exceptional quality grooming tool that can help to style your moustache with precision. Its compact design makes it a perfect addition to your grooming kit & is easy to bring with you when you’re on the go. This tool does for moustaches what lash brushes do for girl’s eyelashes, lifting & separating the hair to make it appear thicker & fuller.

A Mo-Stick, made from an oil-based wax formulation in a convenient twist up tube making it easy to carry around so you can re-apply whenever you need. It’s hard for a moustache to stay true to its shape when beer or coffee consumption, moustache fondlers and gravity are constantly trying to mess up your style. With the Mo-Stick™, you’ll never get stuck with a messy mo!

Moustache Mini Comb, this little weapon is a perfect post meal/drink tool to get your mo and beard hairs around your mouth back in check. If you have a meeting after lunch there is nothing worse than finding out you have some leftovers in your beard. It’s also great for styling your hair when you’re on the go and fits easily into your travel gear.

Do you want to see the end of having your moustache catch in your mouth when eating & drinking? Does your significant other complain that you’re pricking them when they kiss you? Then Milkman’s Affordable Beard & Moustache Scissors are for you. Made from stainless steel that is pretty darn resistant to corrosion. They come sharp enough to cut strays and keep them in check, without catching, and they have a blunted tip so you don’t accidentally stab yourself in the face.

Clear Shave Gel & Double Edge Safety Razor are the best combo to get rid of the hair you don’t need using products especially designed for those with sensitive skin. The old-school double edge razor comes with a single Gillette branded blade.

The Milkman Signature Matte Black Dopp Bag to keep your gear together.

Milkman Grooming Co. products are not simply about grooming, they are a component of male lifestyle. This lifestyle encapsulates what it means to be a modern man. Milkman’s products and image are influenced by fashion, design, style and refinement in all things luxurious about life. We believe this standard of living begins with a respectable grooming regime to give men confidence and project the best possible version of themselves to the world.