We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Daen Brown, Co-Founder and Director of King Brown Pomades. See below for our interview on their story and some advice for all Hair Styling Users out there!


Your Story – How did King Brown Pomade come about?

Previously I had worked with another major pomade label and at the time when our business relationship ended in 2013 they had no major competitor within Australia. I got speaking with my childhood friend and now business partner Dan about potentially starting our own brand, we both had the same unified vision of what we wanted to bring to market and after 12 months of concepting and product development KBP launched in Sept 2014 with our first product a traditional oil based ‘Original Pomade’.


What should we look out for in styling products nowadays? What’s good? What’s not? 

There’s a truck load of great products out there and even more terrible ones. Good brands will spend the time and money to develop and test the products fine tuning every detail along the way and it can take a frustratingly long amount of time but you can notice and appreciate the detail in packaging and product. We’ve seen a proliferation of generic white label products hit the market that are basically all the same ‘range’ offered by labs not necessarily people or brands that have put extensive time in to test them. These products allow low budget brands to hit the market fast with low minimums, low quality and large product offerings but there is generally no understanding behind why that product was made or where the influence came from, just money grabbing. Be wary of generic packaging and labelling.

What are the differences between pomades and wax products?

Pomade’s traditionally were a greasy or waxy substance that was used to style hair giving the user’s hair a shiny, slick appearance, that did not dry it out. These days the use of the word ‘POMADE’ is a lot less definitive and is widely used to market lots of varying men’s grooming products including water soluble gels, clays, creams and of course classic oil based products. Ask your barber what they would recommend for your hair/style and don’t be afraid to try something new as you’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised!


Any tips on how to quickly style your hair using pomades? 

For initial application work a small fingertip size lick between the hands and finger, apply to dry or mildly damp hair starting at the back of the hair, be sure apply back to front, side to side to ensure all the hair is coated root to end.

Style hair as desired, increase amount used for added hold, defining part lines and securing fly away hairs. (gradually add more product if needed, use of less can and often is better)

Important to note that products with wax content will create build up over consecutive days so use less product in days after initial application. Water based products will require the same or similar amounts each application.