Your beard deserves the same care, attention, and time you spend on the rest of your appearance.

Sure, part of the rugged, yet smooth ethos is nailing that ‘effortless’ flair, but you still need to put some work in – or else you’ll end up looking like Tom Hanks after a few years on that island.

Not sure where to start? Don’t panic! We’ve put together some great pro tips to help you keep your facial-locks looking their absolute best with a minimum of hassle …


Picking the Right Beard for Your Face

First and foremost: make sure your beard suits the shape of your face.

We don’t all have the same foundations to build upon, so (sadly) you won’t be able to look exactly like a dignified Clooney or a smooth Gyllenhaal no matter how closely your beard matches theirs.


What’s best for you? Here’s a handy breakdown of the right beards for the most common shapes:


  • Square: Keep your beard thicker at the chin and shorter around the sides


  • Round: Grow your beard longer on the chin, to add length, while making the sides shorter and neater


  • Rectangular: Your face should be adorned with a beard that’s full on the sides and short at the chin


  • Oval: An oval face is more of a blank canvas – you can wear pretty much any type of beard to flatter your shape


Trim Carefully

Once you’ve got your beard to the right length and shape for your face, take a picture: you can keep referring back to this every time you need to trim.

Check your picture as you cut those hairs down to size to stop yourself going too short or messing the shape up. Take your time too, and avoid trimming at all if you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare – your haste could lead to a lack of focus and see you cut the whole thing off!


Keeping it Clean

Is washing the hair on your scalp a chore you try to skip as often as you can? Bad news, sunshine – that rich, manly beard needs some shampoo-time too.

Invest in a quality beard wash and tend to your face fur a few times a week (or as directed). This will help to keep stray crumbs and dirt from building up, and remove dead skills to minimise itchiness.

Give it a nice comb every day, too, and don’t be afraid to invest in some beard oil to keep your hair soft, shiny, and smelling nice too!



Waxing Lyrical

Think about picking up a reputable beard wax to reinforce your shape and tame flyaway hairs – and feel free to experiment with all kinds of weird styles in front of your mirror! Just don’t get carried away and blow the entire tub making yourself look like one of these chaps.


Don’t Neglect Your ‘tache

Speaking of moustaches, don’t neglect this either: it’s a key part of the beard ensemble, and you don’t want it getting out of hand. Trim around your philtrum on a regular basis, and keep the hairs from covering your lips (it’s only polite if you want anyone else’s lips getting close to your own).


 You Are What You Eat (and So Is Your Beard)

Last but not least, make sure you’re getting a good, balanced diet to feed your hair the nutrients it needs. Nuts, leafy greens, egg yolks, and anything rich in B vitamins will all help.

Keeping your beard at its finest might take a bit of time, but for the modern bloke who wants to impress, it’s worth every second!