Washing your hair is just one of those things you need to do every day, right?

You get up, you take a shower, you shampoo and condition your mane. It’s part of your routine, just another step in getting ready to face the world.

Except … you might be doing your hair no favours by washing it every day.

Why? When you shampoo your hair too often, you’re stripping it of essential oils which keep it looking shiny and full, while excess conditioning tends to weigh the hair down.

Your hair naturally produces sebum, an oil pumped out by your glands to keep it conditioned organically. When you go too long without washing, your sebum can end up creating a greasy look, but excess washing can cause these sebum-producing glands to pump too much out, making your hair oilier than it normally would be.


In general, blokes should only shampoo their hair twice a week … but it’s not always quite so simple.


What Difference Does Your Hair Type Make?

Your hair type has an impact on how much or how little you should shampoo.


Fine hair tends to react badly to oil, looking even thinner and actually clumping together. If this sounds familiar, just shampoo three times a week, and use the most nutritious conditioner you can get your mitts on.


Have a thicker head of hair? You can afford to get by on the standard two washes. Make an effort to give your scalp a gentle scratch in the shower, though, to exfoliate dead skin and prevent flakes building up.



What Else Do I Need to Know?


You might have to rethink your shampooing routine depending on the time of year. As we sweat more in the warmest months, more contaminants get into our hair, and you might need to add one extra shampoo per week.

When it’s cooler, you may find you only need to shampoo once or twice, and go for a moisturising / hydrating shampoo to replenish dried hair.


Another great technique for washing your hair like a champ? Condition it a few days a week, when you don’t shampoo – this will nourish your locks without cleansing them. Make sure you invest in quality shampoos and conditioners formulated with healthy ingredients, designed for your hair type.


That’s it! Happy shampooing!



How often do you wash your hair, and do you have any tips of your own? Don’t be shy – share them in the comments!