You might be too focused on enjoying your twenties to worry about how you’ll age … but if you don’t put the effort in now, you could end up looking way older than you expect a few years into the future.

How can you act now for the benefit of the person you’ll be soon enough? Here are 6 easy rules to live by …

Know the Skin You Live in 


Don’t just grab any old skincare product without checking which skin type it’s made for. You’ll have either oily, dry, or combination skin – but how do you know which?

Wash your face, leave it to dry, and then wait half an hour. If your skin feels tight, you have dry skin; if it has a touch of shine, you’re probably oily.

Fall somewhere between? You’ll be combination.

Only buy skincare products for your skin type, or you could make your oily skin oilier or dry skin drier!


Keep the Sun at Bay

Sunlight leads to wrinkled skin and unbalanced skin tones by breaking collagen down faster than it otherwise would – that’s why sun-worshippers who go without lotion tend to look way older than they are.

Here in Oz, we get more than our fair share of sun, but every guy should slap some high-SPF lotion on every day. It might sound extreme, but if you want to look youthful and healthy in your thirties, it’s well worth doing.

And that’s not even to mention the health benefits, either!



Sweat Yourself Healthier


Hitting the gym three or four times a week can do more for your skin than you might realise.

While high-intensity activity works wonders for your insides, it helps your outsides by giving the skin oxygenated blood, and provide valuable stress-relief (which helps your skin even more).


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!


Having yellow teeth (or no teeth at all!) will only add years to your face.

Take care of your teeth in your twenties: brush in controlled circular movements twice a day at a 45-degree angle, and use a mouthwash regularly to combat bacterial build-up. Don’t forget to floss, either!


Cut Down on the Junk Food



What you put into your gut has a huge effect on your skin – and too much fast food, booze, and other nasty things you know you should avoid can make you look far older than you should in your thirties.

Drink more water and antioxidant-rich green tea, and get more vitamin A (found in sweet potato, spinach, carrots, kale, and more) to boost your skin’s health. Cutting down on the pizza, burgers, alcohol, and smoking might seem tough, but you’ll look and feel much better in your thirties if you stop now.


Invest in Quality Grooming Products

If you’re on a budget or just have too many other awesome things to buy with your hard-earned cash (beer, pizza, video games), it’s easy to fall into a trap of buying the cheapest grooming products you can lay your hands on. You might save a few bucks now, but you could be harming your skin – and your future self’s boyish good looks too!

Cheaper bits and pieces might include chemicals that do your skin no favours, so try to choose products made with natural ingredients and swerve those with alcohol (which dries your skin out) and phthalates (with links to cancer, asthma, and more bad stuff).

That’s it! Have any ideas of your own to help rugged, yet smooth gents age with style? Let us know!