We’ve recently been able to sit down and catch up with Chris Logan, Managing Director at Blue Stratos, about his journey with Blue Stratos and their partnership with Movember (for more on Movember, read our article here).

Could you tell us about your story with Blue Stratos please?

“I moved to Australia in the 80s after working for ACNielsen and Pfizer, and initially acquired a Zinc Sunscreen brand. After that I started distributing Nailene Nails and was soon approached directly by the people who owned Blue Stratos to run their business.”

“At that point, it was a very different business – we were an arm of the Parfums Bleu UK business and we had a big gift set business with Big W, Target and Kmart. That part of the business shrunk with the growth of cheap, grey-market fragrance and the key accounts choosing to buy cheap unknown ‘brand’ giftsets direct from Chinese manufacturers.”

“Now we are primarily an independent pharmacy and Priceline business where we have great distribution.”

How is the brand itself going? Specifically, how have you been growing brand distribution?

“We’re currently investigating whether or not we want to move into the major grocery chains. It’ll definitely be good from a financial point of view but we also believe that the brand occupies a niche space that is more suitable to the pharmacy channel.”

“We do ‘in and out’ range extensions like Blue Stratos Freedom and Horizon which are at competitive price points and look great in stores. This allows us to create interest and generate some funds for advertising.”
“We’re really targeting that 30-40 year-old age group rather than the younger demographic so it’s important that we have distribution just right to tackle that specific demographic.”

Could you tell us more about your partnership with Movember?

“We always believed Movember was a really relevant charity, not just for the business but for society in general. We have a great partnership with them and have been able to make a lot of significant contributions to them in the past.”

“Essentially, a dollar from the sale of every Blue Stratos Movember product goes to Movember and we love to see the difference this makes to the foundation.”

What should we look for when making purchases?

“It’s funny how the older consumer hasn’t changed as much as the younger one has – older guys are are still looking for shaving foam, after shave lotion and even asking for talcum powder.”
“There is a lot of choice out there so it’s more important than ever that you get something that’s right for you. If it feels right on your skin, if it looks good and smells good then it’s a winner. Happy days all round. It’s as simple as that.”