When you think about the humble widow’s peak, who comes to mind?

Leonardo DiCaprio? Jude Law? The mighty Jack Nicholson?

These are just three famous blokes rocking the widow’s peak, but there are plenty more out there. Maybe you’ve got one yourself, and find settling on a hairstyle you like tricky.

If you don’t like your widow’s peak, what can you do to make it work for you?


Styling Choices 

Depending on how thin your hair is and how far back your hairline has receded, you might feel tempted to shave your widow’s peak off.

Whatever you do, don’t! Your best option is to just go with the widow’s peak and pick the best hairstyle for your face shape – some cuts mask or complement it.

One great option is to go for a pompadour style, which works best for wavy and straight hair. Your widow’s peak will actually make the pompadour look more prominent, giving you an advantage.


Of course, if you don’t fancy trying the ever-so-trendy pompadour style, try rocking a long fringe instead. Obviously, the length covers your widow’s peak, and is pretty low maintenance.


Another hairstyle that works brilliantly for widow’s peaks? Spikes. As with the pompadour, your widow’s peak will help to make your front spikes stand out more. Keep the hair short and tight around the sides to emphasise the main portion of the style.



For a softer look, go for a side part: with your hair slicked or pulled to one side, you’ll make the peak look smaller. This is a must-have style for modern guys, and if you combine it with a beard, you’ll look even better & more on-trend.


If you want something a bit more different, go for an asymmetrical style. This will add more texture and shape to your hairline, and draw attention from your widow’s peak.


Depending on your face shape, one hairstyle will suit you more than others; if you pick one that really, really doesn’t work for you, you might end up making your widow’s peak look even more prominent.


Have a chat with your stylist about your widow’s peak, and which cuts will suit your face shape best. Maybe take some pictures of celebrity hairstyles you like along with you, and be willing to take their advice. Their suggestions and ideas could well be better than you realise at first, so give them a chance.