Just as your hair should be a reflection inwards and show the kind of person you are, it should also be a reflection outwards of your surrounding environment. Wearing your hair too informally to a formal suit-and-tie event can result in you looking as out of place as if you had worn a singlet. Likewise, it’s probably not in your best interest to spend an hour working on the perfect formal style for a simple trip down to the shops.

First of all, what makes hair formal or informal? What it really comes down to is the overall tidiness and simplicity of the style. Styles with a lot of free hair not kept in line will come off a lot less casual than styles that is more uniform and well controlled. This distinction gets a little less black and white when you start looking at the more informal hairstyles.


Whilst you’re unlikely to get away with a less formal style at a formal event many formal styles can still be acceptable for everyday use. A perfect example of this is the pompadour hairstyle. In this very well groomed style all the hairs are aligned to create a very tidy look that is a great choice for formal events and occasions. The pompadour gives off the vibe that you wanted to look good and that you put in the effort to do so. At the same time this style would look right at home in most informal everyday occasions because of the pure simplicity of it.


So when you’re looking for a style for that special occasion or simply looking for an easy way to style your hair day to day be sure to take these tips into account. For a more formal look seek out tidy and well groomed styles, for informal looks go for simpler styles that you can be comfortable with every day.