We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Stephen Handisides, an international TV presenter, model and, most importantly for us, an expert in male grooming. Stephen is currently the host of a TV show called ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ and his career has revolved around male grooming and aesthetics for some time now.

Tell us about your story. How did you get into the male grooming industry?

I started out in modelling and then progressed into television presenting. I find the aesthetics industry fascinating and have a passion for male grooming. During my time as a journalist and as a presenter I took roles that were mostly involved in those fields. Working with plastic surgeons and other experts I have written hundreds of articles on the industry and have five regular columns focusing on the trends in aesthetics and male grooming. I’ve already hosted two television series on the subject of aesthetics and my next series, ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’, is currently being edited in preparation for its launch in August.


Being a “Groomed Man” is important for other reasons but what do you think it is about looking good that attracts females?

As director of www.myfacemybody.com we asked women just that! The overwhelming response to the survey was that they instantly looked at shoes, smiles, hands, hair and eyes. Basically, a man’s overall appearance and presentation. First impressions really do matter! You don’t have to spend hours a day in front of the mirror, a basic style and grooming routine can take as little as ten minutes a day. Check out my blog for some great tips on that http://www.stephenhandisides.com/category/male-grooming-blog/.


Could you tell us more specifically about your current morning grooming routine?

If I’m not filming I’ll usually hit the gym in the morning; it’s a great way to start the day. Then in the shower I’ll use a facial wash such as Aspect Dr Gentle Clean Facial Cleanser to cleanse my face. I love Truefitt & Hill products so I use their razor and shaving cream to tidy the facial hair and I’ll pluck any rogue hairs from around my face. I then moisturise with Aspect Dr C Skin Brightening Serum. Once or twice a week I’ll use a facial scrub to buff away dead skin cells. Finally, a splash of aftershave and put on a sharp suit. All my suits are tailor made for me by Lydia Foulkes at www.perfectlyattired.co.uk she is a real genius.


Tell us more about your new TV show, why should we tune in?

The Modern Face of Beauty’ is a TV series launching this August that looks at male grooming and aesthetics in a fresh, modern and unconventional way. It focuses on treatment advice, top tips, quirky tests and myth busting. During the show I interview leading expects in fields like plastic surgery, dermatology, aesthetics and health and fitness on the latest advancements in the aesthetic industry. I entertain my way through my first ‘Botox’ experience, a gruelling PT session with NYC’s Prince ‘Trooper’ Braithwaite and interviewing some of the world’s most respected plastic surgeons.

This series will look at everything from the delicate topic of Calibre male enhancement with Dr Jayson Oates to how to cook healthy and nutritious meals that aren’t rabbit food. During filming for the program I learnt a lot and, if you tune in, I hope you will too.


Finally, what do you see in the future for the male grooming industry?

Male grooming over the last 10 years has not only become accepted but it has become on trend. Previous stigmas around male grooming have been broken down and it is now totally acceptable for men to have massages, get waxed or even have a facial. With the rise of grooming establishments just for men, us guys now have an exclusive invite into the world of pampering. Why let the girls have all the fun?

In the future we will see the rise of male only grooming establishments continuing across the country and more men looking at non-invasive and surgical treatments to look and feel better.