Skincare is very commonly seen as one of the more involved stages of taking care of yourself however this is just a big misconception. Making sure your skin looks its best is a lot simpler than most people would guess. Whilst it’s true that you would get the best results from using a million little products and micromanaging when and where you apply each one individually, the results of only using two or three products aren’t all that far from using a dozen.

In reality, to take care of your skin all you need is a good MOISTURISER and CLEANSER applied once or twice daily.


These two products make up the skeleton crew of your skincare routine and yet it’s impressive how much of a difference this minor addition to your daily routine can make to your skin. With the ability to so easily take care of your skin can come a great boost in confidence for a lot of guys. The old saying is pretty accurate, look good; feel good.

You might now be asking “what should you look for in each of these products?” Whilst many specifics depend on your type of skin (oily, dry, etc.) there are a few more general recommendations that you should take into account when purchasing either of these products.


For CLEANSERS, they should be pH neutral in order to prevent irritation and increase efficacy. When looking for cleansers you should also try and stay away from any that include dyes, fragrances and soaps as these are all extra chemicals that could either dry or irritate your skin without adding anything useful. They are just things you don’t need in a cleanser.


As far as recommendations for MOISTURISERS go, most of what you should avoid in cleansers should also be avoided in moisturisers. Really, you don’t want fragrances in anything you’re putting on your skin that isn’t meant to make you smell good. Think colognes and deodorants, not moisturisers and cleansers.


Now, how/when should you actually use them? You should cleanse your face either once or twice a day depending on your skin type. If you’re towards the oily side of the spectrum than you should cleanse in the AM and PM however if your skin leans more towards dry, then you should rinse your face with water in the AM and cleanse in the PM. Every time you cleanse you should apply moisturiser to keep your skin looking as vitalised and healthy as possible however you should also apply moisturiser in the morning even if you’re only cleansing once per day.


I’m sure now you’ll understand what I meant earlier when I said just how simple it can be to keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. Your face is one of your biggest assets as far as looking good goes; take care of it!