So, you’ve already worked out what hairstyle works best for you (or if you haven’t, check out our article HERE first) but how do you actually go about achieving it? There’s a myriad of products on the market and here we will look at the most common and the most useful of them all.

A great place to start is probably with gel. Gel is one of the most common products and is by far the most overused product. This misuse and abuse usually stems from earlier stages in men’s lives; we can all remember having our hair spiked up with gel after a hair cut in grade 4. The thing is, gel isn’t nearly as versatile as most people seem to think; spiking up hair is about the only thing that gel should be used for. Due to the extreme hold of gel it is near impossible to readjust your style later in the day and because it dries out your hair you can’t simply reapply more product to fix this. Once it’s dry, it’s staying like that until your next shower. Gel is also composed of a cocktail of harsh chemicals and alcohols that damage and dry out your hair and scalp, encouraging hair loss and dandruff – not exactly stylish. Unless you just want to spike up your hair, you don’t just want gel.

Pomades are probably one of the more versatile hair styling products and are perfect for when you’re going for a classy slicked-back look. I’ve often heard it said that if your style requires a comb you should probably be using a pomade. Pomades come in both oil and water based varieties; the oil pomades provide more hold and a longer lasting shine however the water based pomades are infinitely easier to wash out.

Waxes are incredibly similar to pomades in providing a medium to high shine and being perfect for styles that make use of combs, however, they generally have a lighter hold than pomades. Use waxes if you’re looking to maintain a slightly freer style than what you’d get out of the typically high-hold pomades.

Finally, we have hair sprays. Whilst usually thought of as a more feminine hair product than a paste or wax, hairsprays can be just what you need to take your look to the next level. Because hairsprays don’t give you as much freedom to style your hair, they are often only used in addition to other products. If you find that a product simply isn’t providing enough hold throughout the day try adding a little hairspray into the mix.