Recently we’ve had the pleasure of catching up with Goldfield and Banks Australia when we attended their launch party at Becker Minty in Kings Cross. The launch was an incredible night that made clear just how much inspiration and genius goes into each of their fragrances. Goldfield and Banks Australia initially launched their brand in November of last year (2016) as the first Australian nice perfume to be made at home, here in Australia.

The ‘Australia’ in their name is very clearly as big a part of their identity as the rest of their name. Focused very heavily on the unique and distinctive scents of Australia, Goldfield and Banks source their ingredients directly from growers and producers in Australia to ensure that each of their fragrances is an authentic representation of Australian life. To best protect the brand’s image and its customers, Goldfield and Banks only supply to boutiques who offer an exclusive service to their customers in an exceptional environment.

At the launch, we managed to peek behind the curtain to find out more about the design process at GBA. Each individual fragrance is focused on an iconic Australian native ingredient to form the basis of the scent. This central ingredient is then supported by other natural essences from all around the world that each highlight and enhance the characteristics of the primary ingredient as well as the region of Australia that it’s from. All these individual scents come together to create a fragrance that is simple and enticing whilst still maintaining the essences that make it uniquely Australian.


Goldfield and Banks outlined three values that they believe to be integral to the identity of the brand; desirability, nomadic and country luxe. All three values have been essential to the creation of each of their fragrances and, together, they form a steady foundation that has allowed the brand to have a very real and individual identity as well as a direction to move forwards in as they branch out and explore more of what the Australian environment has to offer.