As shaving is now a part of many men’s daily routines the hefty price of the standard safety blades can become a little too draining on the wallet.

If you feel like you’re spending too much money on blades for how much wear you get from them or are just interested in extending the lives of your blades it is important to understand how to take care of your razor. Through following the steps outlined in this article you can expect to noticeably extend the lives of your blades which will both create a better shaving experience for yourself and save you a fair chunk of money in the long run.



One of the most basic ways to ensure your razors are well taken care of is to clean your blade under running water every few strokes during shaving. Whilst this will very obviously create a better immediate shave, because it’s not so easy to shave with hair stuck in the blades, it will also prevent the excess hair from dulling the blades any more than it needs to. Using hot water also makes these rinses easier and more effective.


Just as you should clean your razor during use it is important to keep it up to scratch after you’ve shaved as well. You should rinse out any leftover hairs and most importantly DRY your razor! The biggest enemy of razor blades is rust and by ensuring they go back into storage dry you can stave off the coat of rust that signals the end for your blade.



For the same reason that it is important to dry your blades after use it is important to store them in a place away from the humidity and moisture present in the bathroom. Storing them in a sealed plastic bag or container or even out of the bathroom entirely is a great way to avoid rust and keep your blades sharper for longer.



Through employing a few of these simple tips you can drastically improve your daily shaves as well as lengthen the life you can expect from each blade.