We’ve just caught up with Adam Hunter, founder of Buck Grooming to hear all about how his men’s grooming line came to be.

Could you give us a brief overview on the story of Buck Grooming?

“I set the business up with my partner – she had a background in marketing and co-ran the family salon, and I was an actor and writer between sales jobs. I’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries and challenging myself to not just do the normal thing. Some would say that you succeed at a few things by learning from failing and I’ve failed a lot!”

How did it all begin?

“It all started in 2010 when I had an idea to launch a men’s chapstick in the UK. Around the time that I met my partner whilst working in a restaurant, I wondered why there wasn’t a chapstick made for guys and so I focused my attention here. I found the UK to be a really hard market to start in because of how highly regulated it was and after coming to Australia the opportunity to launch a brand had a lot more potential given that there wasn’t as much red tape. Australians are so supportive and that’s just embedded in our culture.”

So, after the idea started with chapstick, what products did you decide to focus on?

“We believe that skincare is the first component of the grooming regime. Guys may have beards now, but a man’s grooming routine will still start from the skin. Consequently, we initially launched our face moisturiser – it’s since become our biggest product and is our best seller to date.”

“We currently have a daily scrub, face moisturiser and a shaving cream. Soon to be added to that list is Liberta – a limited edition summer cologne for men designed by Italian perfumist Leonardo Opali.”

What are your thoughts on the grooming market in Australia?

“It’s growing and will continue to grow. Over recent years it’s really solidified itself and isn’t seen as taboo anymore. Barber shops have been popping up everywhere in the past 12 months. Guys want to be looked after and want to feel confident. Getting a good cut from a good barber helps them to do this.”

“The S.N.A.G. who used to just dress well and be in touch with his sensitive side now has a slick haircut too! Men aren’t afraid to say what they want and more importantly, they don’t get shit for it anymore!”

Why do you think it’s cool to groom and take care of yourself?

“I think this really ties into social media. Instagram has really helped the dynamic push for men to feel good about themselves. It’s all photos – male social influencers are constantly posting selfies of themselves.”

“Don’t know what to wear? How should I look? Looking for a new watch? I hashtag a suit or a watch for Saturday night and I can get the look I’m after instantly. Accessibility for guys in what they want has helped them so much faster, into this fantastic new era. It’s a great highway of information.”

“Guys need to understand that looking after themselves is already part of their routine – you wake up, you shower, you shave, etc. You are already taking care of yourselves. Once you accept that, grooming won’t feel feminine at all, it’ll just be part of your day”

See more at: www.buckgrooming.com