Hair loss affects guys in different ways. For some, it’s a real knock to their confidence, possibly even traumatic enough to get them down. That’s not surprising, either: your hair’s a major part of your look, your personality. Losing it can leave you feeling naked, or unrecognisable to yourself – and nobody wants to see a stranger when they look in the mirror.

Still, for other guys, hair loss is far less upsetting. In fact, many care-free gents can just embrace it and carry on as they always have.


Here in Australia, baldness affects around one in five guys in their 20s, around one in three in their 30s, and almost half of all gents in their 40s. Based on those stats, there’s a good chance you might have a mate starting to show signs of thinning hair – and maybe they’re struggling to confront it.


It’s a tricky situation, right? You want to be a good pal and help them deal with their impending baldness, but you don’t like the idea of hurting their feelings either.


Well, it helps if you can offer your mate a few solutions, whether he wants to fight his hair-loss, or he’s happy to just shrug and embrace it.


Let’s check out products to help with both possibilities and note we advise that you speak with your doctor before trying some of these!



Fighting Baldness

Men’s Rogaine®


Men’s Rogaine®  has some pretty powerful credentials. With extensive clinical trials demonstrating its efficiency at either promoting regrowth or preventing ongoing loss, Regaine is definitely worth trying if you’re looking to keep what hair you still have.


It’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, and the density of users’ hair has been shown to increase by about 10 percent across three months on average. But hey – it’s worth a try! It might be worth checking with your doctor beforehand, though.


Propecia / Proscar

These products are prescription-only, but have been proven to bring visible outcomes after a couple of years, boosting hair growth or halting loss altogether.


Why? The not-so-magic ingredient, finasteride, which stops testosterone being converted into DHT, a process thought to be key in hair loss.


A catch? If you stop taking it, you’ll lose the results. You have to stick with it!



HairMax Laser Comb

This big, plastic, laser-powered comb has been responsible for some good results in trials, with balding guys either experiencing regrowth or an end to hair-loss.


It works by beaming a laser into your scalp to stimulate follicles – sounds scary? Well, while it’s not guaranteed for everyone, your thinning mate might be one of the lucky ones.


Embracing Baldness

Is your mate embracing baldness? It’s common: plenty of guys are bald but confident. They own their naturally-smooth scalp in style without pining for Kit Harington’s flowing locks or Patrick Dempsey’s thick mop.


So, here’s a few products you can give to help your mate rock his baldness:


A Quality Beard Trimmer

Experiment with facial hair for balance – a neat goatee or luscious beard can soften your face and encourage a ruggedly-masculine look. Get your mate a quality beard trimmer, like the Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer.



Pre-Shaving Cream

This is ideal for preparing the scalp before a shave. A great pick is For Men Maca Root Shave Cream from The Body Shop, featuring aloe vera and natural oils, for a smooth, gentle shave.



Moisture Lotion

Keep the scalp looking healthy and sleek. Try HeadBlade HeadLube, a moisture lotion that’ll give your pal’s balding head a great finish.


So, there you go: more than enough gift ideas for your balding mate. Be kind, be honest, and be helpful – you might just change his life for the better!