We recently spoke with Cosmetic Physician Dr Sara Kotai (MBBS (Hons)) about her experience within the grooming industry and how she’s been working to change the face of men’s treatments at Mancave Sydney.

What is Man Cave Sydney?

“It’s a boutique medical aesthetic clinic for men but more than that – it’s a safe space for men to feel welcome and comfortable, offering luxury discretion and world class treatments.”

“Men often feel threatened about the concept of a beauty salon, they’ve only seen women go to one and, frankly, “don’t want to look like a woman”. Man Cave Sydney is a safe, private and discreet place for men to access treatments – not a shopfront like other beauty salons.”

What’s offered at Man Cave Sydney?

“At Man Cave Sydney we offer treatments for a variety of issues men face:”

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments and skincare
  • Non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting™
  • Pain free laser hair reduction
  • Sweat reduction
  • Permanent hair restoration

“On top of all this we also offer more traditional treatments like facials in the form of laser treatments and scrubs/peels.”

What appears to be very popular for men?

“’Sweat reduction’ is a very popular treatment during the summer months. Men sometimes go through several shirts in a day because of their intense sweating and, couple that with our muggy Sydney weather, and the issue can really impede on a man’s life, not to mention ruin their shirts. miraDry is an incredible new technology offering permanent underarm sweat and odour reduction – the results have been very impressive and life-changing for suffers of heavy sweating.”

“Non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting™ is also incredibly popular. It’s essentially liposuction without the surgery and the results are permanent. It was developed by scientists at Harvard and is considered the gold standard in non-invasive fat reduction by doctors across the world. It’s best for people within their ideal weight who are looking to permanently reduce those small stubborn pockets of fat like love handles or lower tummy.”

“Skin treatments are popular amongst men of all ages – we treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne (and bacne), age spots, freckles and redness and scaring. We have the really powerful ability to give our customers clearer skin to help build their overall image and confidence.”


With men’s grooming on the rise, what’s your advice for men who want these types of treatments but are afraid to engage?

“Well, the men’s grooming industry is a lot less taboo than it used to be. It’s really all about restoring self-esteem and confidence. We want you to look and feel like the best and freshest version of yourself, whilst looking natural and always remaining masculine. My advice for guys looking to engage in any of this type of activity is:”


  • Do your research and look at reviews.
  • Don’t rush into anything.
  • Discuss everything and never feel pressured to go into anything uncomfortable.
  • If something is bothering you – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  • There’s always something out there to help you.