For too long, the cosmetics industry focused on women, with men’s skincare seen as unimportant (and even ‘unmanly’ by some).

Times, though, have changed.


Male grooming now receives far more attention and respect, with rising sales across the male-skincare sector demonstrating this cultural shift. Many Australian men now buy at least one skincare product each month, treating their flesh to the same care and attention as their hair and beards.


To shine a little light on the importance of a good skincare routine (and learn a few pro tips), we spoke with Murdoch Collins, Co-Founder of Black Leopard Skincare.

Luxury for the Modern Man

The Collins family launched Black Leopard Skincare after deciding on a mutual interest in forging a bold new enterprise together. They all had their own diverse skills to offer – one golfer, one eye-wear salesman, one ex-IT businessman, and one ex-beautician.

Pooling their ideas gave them 25 potential concepts, but they picked Black Leopard Skincare due to the continued growth in the male-skincare sector. Their products are formulated and conceptualised purely for men, using only naturally-derived ingredients.

“Black Leopard Skincare is a luxury skincare brand made by men for men,” said Murdoch Collins.

Since launching, the brand has been purchased across 18 countries, though Australia is their main market. After three months of online commerce, Black Leopard Skincare established a pop-up shop on Melbourne’s Chapel Street.

They clearly have their fingers on the pulse of male grooming. When asked about changes in the men’s skincare market, Murdoch Collins said “looking after your skin is not seen as much of a taboo – the market’s almost moved full circle.”

Regarding the current trend for full beards and more formal dress, he continued “if we look back to the days when bearded American presidents in their sharp suits was king, men have really started to grasp that concept even more in recent times”.

This renewed passion for a more mature, more refined style has helped to drive the growth in Australia’s skincare sector.

“People are now looking for quality skincare, and Black Leopard are here to help.”

Murdoch’s Tips for Great Skincare

  • Hydration is key. Invest in a simple moisturiser that hydrates your skin, but don’t feel pressured into buying products with SPF. Their importance is actually something of a myth, as SPF simply sits on the skin without penetrating your cells. A quality moisturiser, on the other hand, can work wonders.


  • A face scrub can actually be a terrific addition to your bathroom cabinet. Use it just once or twice a week, and you’ll soon notice a big difference.


  • Take care of the skin under and around your eyes: this is the body’s thinnest flesh. Don’t be afraid to invest in eye creams and use them regularly.


This is an exciting time to be a fashion-conscious guy who wants to look his best, and Murdoch Collins’ advice offers plenty for the modern Australian gent to learn from. Follow his points and you’ll be Rugged, Yet Smooth.