We recently caught up with Daniel Mahony, founder of The Groomed Man Co to share advice & learn all about the beard industry in Australia.

Could you tell us how and why The Groomed Man Co came to be?

“I visited New York in 2013 and came across a pack of beard oil in it. I’d never seen it before and decided to try it. Coming back to Australia there wasn’t really anything like it that was readily accessible so I spent about 9 months developing it for fun. After a while my friends starting asking for it and next thing you know other friends were asking for it too.”

How did you make the jump from just making it for your friends to becoming a fully-fledged business?

“After more friends asked about getting some for themselves I decided to speak with a manufacturer, mix and match a few formulas, and we went to market in August 2014. We started off with the focus of being only available through my own online store. This provided more brand control and the ability to build loyal customers by dealing with them directly. Over the years this idea hasn’t diverged too much from its heritage in that we don’t really want to go into mass production – we pick and choose distribution arms. Each shop that stocks it needs to be the right fit for the brand – mainly barber shops and clinics.”

Why was this so important to you?

“It’s always been important to us because we care more about the customer than the cost of the product. That’s also why we really take extra care in picking the ingredients we use, and of course being very transparent about them. We want to treat the customers well and believe that with that, the product sales will take care of themselves.”

What are your thoughts on the beard market and its direction?

“The beard trend is still hot and going! And don’t take that the wrong way; I don’t feel that it’s just a trend. Men have grown their beard for hundreds of years, but it’s only now that they’ve had the right products to take care of it so they can feel more confident in keeping the beard.” Daniel explained.

“I think a big driving factor is that employers have begun to embrace beards and many guys don’t get a hard time at work for growing out their beard anymore. This has been a huge success for the beard market and men love it; their beard represents a part of their own personal brand and helps them to differentiate themselves from the rest.”

What are your tips for easily taking care of your beard?

“For someone who is new to beard care, beard oil is an awesome all round product. It softens the beard, eliminates any itching, moisturises the skin (removing dry skin flakes) as well as also strengthening the hair and promoting healthier growing conditions. When you’re choosing a beard oil it’s important to pick one that’s made from natural ingredients as anything synthetic or fragrant may irritate your skin. We use Argan Oil and Jojoba as they assist in replicating the skin’s natural oil production and preventing clogging of pores underneath the beard. They’re also rapidly absorbed and are non-greasy which is why our oil is so lightweight.”

  • After a shower, pat dry your beard.
  • Condition the beard instead of shampooing it about 3-5 times a week.
  • Apply 6-12 drops of beard oil depending on your beard size.”

“It’s important to keep in mind that the beard hair is not as strong as normal hair, so taking care of it is important to ensure healthy beard hair long into the future.”